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A communication study is an academic field that deals with processes of human communication, commonly defined as the sharing of symbols to create meaning. Communication network is the pattern of communication through which the members of a group communicate with each other. Actually it is the path through which information or message travels among the people. Communication network is used to exchange information among the group members directly. According to C.L. Bovee and his associates, “Communication network is the pattern of communication within a group and among groups”. There are various types of networks used externally and internally. The impact of communication networks on the organization and group members is inevitable. In addition, several research studies find an interesting connection between the types of network and productivity and satisfaction. So the managers should try to structure their network with utmost care and sincerity. As the effectiveness of various networks varies depending on which criteria are considered it is very tough to find out the best way to structure networks properly. The criteria are decision quality, decision speed, message distortion, satisfaction, network centralization and information overload. So while choosing a particular communication network, it is important to identify the most critical criteria and thereafter to examine thoroughly the alternative network for fixing one that best fulfills these criteria. Organizations function as a container within which communication takes place. Organizations are mechanical things, in which the parts are interchangeable. What works in one organization will work in another similar organization. Any differences in form or function of communication between any two organizations can be identified and studied as factors affecting the communicative activity. In networks in which the responsibility for initiating and passing along messages is shared more evenly among the members, the better the group's morale in the long run.




There are some certain objectives behind preparing this report. These acted as incentive to make the report. Broad Objective: The broad objective of the study is to analyze the communication network pattern of two similar organizations; Standard Bank Ltd. and IFIC Bank Ltd. Specific Objectives: • • • To know the basic information about Standard Bank Ltd. To know the basic information about IFIC Bank Ltd. To understand the various communication networks within the organization of Standard Bank Ltd. • To understand the various communication networks within the organization of IFIC Bank Ltd. • Analyze the similarities and differences in communication process of Standard Bank Ltd. and IFIC Bank Ltd. 1.3 SCOPE OF THE REPORT

The report is constructed on the basis of existing communication network of Standard Bank Ltd. and IFIC Bank Ltd. There are various types of communication networks in those organizations like Y pattern network, wheel pattern network ,chain pattern network ,all channel network., horizontal (or lateral) communication, downward communication ,circle pattern etc. that has been identified and analyzed in the report. It also covers the organizations missions, visions, structure, and graphical presentations of communication networks. The main part of the report consists of the analysis of the communication network process of Standard Bank Ltd. and IFIC Bank Ltd.




This report has been prepared on the basis of information gathered through the visit in Standard Bank Ltd. and IFIC bank Ltd. Information has been collected from several employees of the organizations. This report presents the experience and findings through communication with the employees. In order to prepare this report, various kinds of charts, diagrams and tables have been presented sequentially with explanation. 1.5 LIMITATIONS OF THE...
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