The Decline in the Proficiency of English in Malaysia Has Reached an Alarming Level. Analyze the Cause and Effect. in Your Answer, You Should Include Suggestion to Deal with This Problem.

Topics: English language, Lingua franca, Dutch language Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The decline in the proficiency of English in Malaysia has reached an alarming level. Analyze the cause and effect. In your answer, you should include suggestion to deal with this problem.
English has become an international language ever since the early 20th century. This clearly shows that English has become a very important role in the world especially to our country, Malaysia. What is English? English is a West Germanic language and it is widely used all around the world. English is also the 3rd most common native language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. What are the functions of English? English is widely used in business, employment, education and media but not that much in Malaysia. This is mainly because teenagers nowadays in Malaysia speaks in a very unique that only exist in Malaysia. We call it ‘rojak language’. ‘Rojak language’ is a mixture of English, Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien and of course our Malaysia’s mother tongue, Malay. What has caused the decline in the proficiency of English in Malaysia that has reached an alarming level?

First of all, the learning environment is one of the major effects that cause the decline of proficiency of English in Malaysia. At home, most parents does not practice English at home when they are nurturing their children instead of using ‘rojak language’ when communicating with their children. Besides that, teacher as the English ambassador in school, they do not speak proper English during English lesson. In addition to that, some of the teachers even speak Hokkien or Mandarin Chinese during English lesson. Besides that, peers are also one of the factors that cause the decline of proficiency of English in Malaysia. That is because, most of the teenagers dare not communicate with their friends using English unless they speaks fluent English because they are afraid that their peers would either laugh or even isolate them when they could not speak fluent English. In conclusion to this, they would only...
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