The Use of Song to Improve Students Pronunciation at the Seventh Grade.

Topics: Learning, Research, Skill Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 22, 2013
A.Background :
There are many factors that cause unsatisfied result of learning English, but there are also many things to overcome the problem. As result students are able to developed communication skill and make them a costumed to interpreting as well as expressing. To learn English means to learn about the language it self and to learn how to use it in oral communication spoken language begin with sounds. The most important in learning process, the teacher has been called the facilitator or mediator should has some certain skills in teaching learning English. To express the language, it should has stimulus which was given. For giving the interesting learning process, the teacher can use media or method which is suitable, for example film, movie, picture, or music. In English language teaching attention should be paid to the teaching pronunciation, its’ seems to have an important of language teaching because we will know the quality of the speaking using pronunciation skill. We can teach pronunciation by song. Its’ give the students entertain to interest the teaching learning process. Many students have also proven that song are very helpful for learners in learning a new language. B.Research Question :

1.What extent are the songs able to improve the students pronunciation? 2.What are the problems faced by students?

C.The purpose of the research
1.To find out what extent the song to able to improve the students pronunciation ? 2.To find out what the problems faced by the students.
D.Underlying The Theories
Kelly Affir in that “misic contains large section pronunciation and it has detail matter like vowel quality, syllabic length, and intonation pattern” (1996:99) One the study entitled “ the use of children songs to improve students pronunciation a case of the fourth grade kabupaten pemalang” by febri Wira atmojo ( 2010:39) E.Research method

The method of this research will use experimental quantitative research there are two activities...
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