The Effectiveness of Singing Activities in Enhancing Listening Skill Among Primary School Pupils in Learning English.

Topics: Education, Learning, School Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: October 6, 2010
TITLE: The Effectiveness of Singing Activities in Enhancing Listening Skill Among Primary School Pupils in learning English.


1. Introduction

In Malaysian context, English is the second language after Bahasa Malaysia. Learning English is a compulsory since it is one of the subjects that must be learned during primary school until secondary education. It has been stated in the syllabus (KBSR, 2003, p1) that English is taught to the pupils so that they will be able to further studies and to equip them with skill at workplace. Hence, we can see that English is very important for the present and future.

Songs help pupils to use better encode information tools so that it is easier for them to recall the information later on. It is effective when used with pupils who are still in primary schooling because pupils love entertainment. It is a strategy that provides a verbal, rhythmic or musical prompt for pupils who have difficulty in retaining or retrieving information.

2. Research Background

Research has shown that young pupils are able to learn second language easily. Language theorists such as Noam Chomsky and Stephen Krashen support the idea that pupils acquire language faster than the adults do. Adults are less likely to do mistakes when they are learning because they are shy to take risk.

There are several teaching aids that can assist teachers to teach pupils in learning second language which basically include repetition and musical rhythmic strategy. Using songs as a teaching tool can be very effective since pupils like to have infotainment learning atmosphere. Several studies conducted regarding the brain and memory shows that exposure to music increases brain function in pupils.

3. Statement of problem

In this research, the researchers want to identify the effectiveness of song in aiding pupils to learn. This study focuses on the retrieval of facts in the general education curriculum core content...
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