Benefits of Not Cutting Music Education Programs

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Benefits of not Cutting Music Programs

By Delanie Bull

AP Language
Mrs. Blair
28 February 2013

Thesis: Music programs are beneficial to the development and teaching of our students and should not be cut. I. Benefits
a. Higher English scores
b. Higher math scores
c. Better memory
d. Higher act scores
II. Elementary School

Delanie Bull
2/ 28/ 13
Mrs. Blair
Argumentative Essay
Why Music Programs Are Beneficial and Should Not Be Cut.
Many music programs across the United States are being cut or replaced in schools. Most people think that music programs are not as important as other programs throughout the school. These people usually do not realize the many benefits of music programs and just music in general. Music programs are beneficial in many ways. Music is not only fun but can help with the development of younger children continuing through elementary and middle school. There is also the benefit of better memory, English, and math skills. These benefits can be seen throughout the rest of your life. Development in a young child is very important. The rate at which a young child matures sets a child up for the rest of its life. Growth in a young child mostly includes hearing and speaking; if those skills do not develop or develop slowly it can majorly impact the child’s life. Music can help to keep this development regulate or to speed it up when a child falls behind. Many people are doubtful of this process. If you look back to your childhood, most people will find that the first things they learn as a kid are accompanied by music. For example, the little tune you would learn would help teach you to tie your shoes, say your ABC’s, or do many other things. In some case when a child has trouble with learning something we try to create a tune to teach them. In most of your children’s educational television shows the show is filled with music. Children learn these tunes and in time the lyrics click in the...
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