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Select four songs, finger plays, word games or poems that you can use to promote phonological awareness. Describe the strategies to promote phonological awareness among children whose home language is other than English.

Phonological awareness involves the detection and manipulation of sounds at three levels of sound structure: (1) syllables, (2) onsets and rimes, and (3) phonemes. 1.Speak English, and speak it often, associate words with objects as often as possible. For example, show the child a book and say, "Book." Repeating words and phrases often will train the child to associate certain objects with certain words mentally; and more than that, it will enable the child to pick up on the phonemes of the language subconsciously.

2.Play word games to promote phonological awareness. With a toddler who has limited English skills, "sound soup" is a fun game to play. Bring out a big soup pot and tell the child, "We are going to make 'k' soup today!" Then, begin to fill the pot with items that start with the 'k' sound -- carrots, kale, clocks. The point of the game is to get the child to become very familiar with a particular sound and to recognize it as a sound that can occur at the beginning of a word.

3.Play sound recognition games that require more of a response on her part. One such game is the "find it" game. Say a sound "r," for example and ask the child to find you an object in the room that begins with that sound.

4.Identify the number of words in a short sentence. For example, “Pat has a cat. How many words are in that sentence?”

5.Next focus on onsets and rimes. For example, “c” plus “at” equals “cat”; “cl” plus “own” equals “clown.”

Beep! Choo! Zoom! Honk!
We’ll be going on vacation in our car. (Pretend to drive a car.) Beep-beep. (Pretend to honk horn.)
We’ll be going on vacation in our car.
We’ll be going on vacation.
We’ll be going on vacation.
We’ll be going on...
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