Barriers in Speaking English as a Medium of Instruction

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  • Published : March 5, 2012
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In most part of organization even in Schools, University and Colleges it is widely accepted to use the English language as a medium of communication and instruction. English speaking countries may find it easy as a usual conversation using this language that is why their learning process is continues but from a non English speaking or semi English speaking countries, students may find it hard to understand their basic lessons and teacher may also find it difficult to use such language in teaching for various reasons this may hamper and delay their learning habit especially when sudden changes of language approach in a classroom discussion has been pre implemented by the school administration. Accordingly the use of English language can prepare students internationally because this language is being used worldwide, it becomes highly critical when the student doesn’t partly understand the lessons and the teacher find it hard to explain such topics this has become a language barrier given as a medium of instruction but they will need to follow such implemented rules. Government from China, Korea, Malaysia and other African countries may have recommended such language for advancement but some student up to this present time still find it hard to study. It may even be harder and more complicated if their subjects deal with hard topics like mathematics, science, physics, accounting that requires analysis added to that is the English language that they partly understand make the subject bit harder. It is not that theinstructors do not understand the lesson or they cannot speak the language but theteachers will need to level down their instruction technique to reach their students so that they can meet half-way. The instructor may need to design a bit more instructional innovation wisely and passionately to be able to cope up with the student behavior of misunderstanding. Basically teachers and students may find the following barriers while learning; Familiarity and...
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