The Complexity of the Teaching Role

Topics: Learning, Education, Knowledge Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Module One – Topic 2 (The complexity of the teaching role)


To create an effective teaching session it is important that teachers follow some simple components to ensure their class is productive and suitable to the age and learning abilities of your class.

The learning circle indicates the way in which to plan your sessions. Planning, Implementing and Evaluating. As well as these I also believe that knowledge is very import when it comes to lesson planning.


Having knowledge of the school, curriculum and the students is a big part of lesson planning. Knowledge of the school environment and surrounding district is important to help assist with finding available and useful resources to help with the lesson.

Knowing the curriculum is also very important. Having knowledge of the students like age, years attending the school, friends and knowing their learning abilities should play a part in the way a lesson is planned. Knowledge of ones self, like your own ability, sense of humour and your professional background can also impact the planning process.


There are many areas you should consider when planning, like Content, objective, prior knowledge, space, resources, grouping and time.

The 5 E’s

1. Engage – Grabbing the students attention and getting them excited to learn

2. Explore – New areas of knowledge and trying different skills

3. Explain – Students have a chance to share what has been learnt

4. Elaborate – Making a connection to previous or future learning

5. Evaluate – Determining the students understand of what has been learnt


Implementing is the actual teaching. There are two elements involved and there are resourcing and environment.


There are 3 parts to evaluating they are curriculum, teaching and learners. Evaluating the curriculum - making sure what you have learnt is suitable and you have used the right resources. Teaching – the...
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