Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 1

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Hayley Simpson HAY851SI
Teaching Assistant level 3
Assignment 1

Question 1
Give examples of how you would plan activities.
Planning and preparation of teaching is supremely important, the teacher and teaching assistant need to work together to achieve the best learning result. Lesson plans and structures will be implemented and will be catered for each learner; they will include teaching methods and techniques, assessments and targets. Teachers have policies, procedures and regulations to adhere to and within organisations will have to take into consideration budgets and resources. As a teaching assistant it is my responsibility to support the teacher in the planning of learning activities according to the relevant curriculum. This includes preparing, implementing and monitoring current and relevant curriculum topics. Planning learning activities should be based on the learner’s individual needs. Taking into account; learner abilities, restrictions and interests and the curriculum requirements.

1 Identifying

5 Evaluating 2 Planning

4 Assessing 3 Enabling

Identifying- through documents and or initial assessments. Planning - adapting learning to suit each learner and best comply with curriculum. Enabling - supporting the learner to achieve their targets in the planned activities. Through resources and staff roles. Assessing - how assessments are carried out and recorded. Observations and recording. Evaluating - methods of assessments.

As a teaching assistant, when planning activities there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration, including the daily learning structure for students, the daily timetable and resources available. All of these will be discussed in detail with the teacher and strategies put in place. After each activity feedback is given to the teacher to assess the progress of each student and the success of the activities.

Question 2
Describe your role in delivering learning activities.

When delivering learning activities it is vital, that as a teaching assistant my skills, knowledge and understanding of the planned topic are adequate. Allowing myself time to find the correct resources for both myself and the pupils. Having an effective partnership with the classroom teacher will enable me to understand my role in the delivery of activities. Ensuring we are both aiming for the same outcome from the activity, that we are delivering the activity in the same way and support one another as well as the pupils to the best of our abilities. Understanding each learner and their individual needs, which resources are available and the learning objectives will enable the delivery of the activity to be more successful. After each activity, relaying back the results the classroom teacher is equally as important, as this feedback contributes the learner’s individual progress in the school and will help identify any weaknesses or strengths the student has.

Question 3
Make a list of the things expected from you as part of your role in supporting an individual pupil or group of pupils. When teaching an individual pupil or a group of pupil it is of up most importance to identify their needs. Identifying the learner’s abilities and styles, disabilities and disadvantages, barriers, motivation and expectations are the initial assessment’s a teacher and teaching assistant will make. Not only does this reassure the learner that their needs are being met and that they are important but it also enables me to plan accordingly, taking into account teaching methods, resource requirements, individual learner targets and future assessments. It is my responsibility to ensure the students are in a safe learning environment, taking into consideration accessibility, and layout of classroom, other learners, equipment or tools. Recognising any learning or physical disabilities the pupils may have, gives me the opportunity to adapt the teaching methods and...
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