Curriculum Development Class Reflection Paper

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (1240 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Two separate classmates asked me education questions two nights ago, Wednesday, 17 and based on what I have learned in our class, I could answer them. Until then, I did not realize what an impact this class had on my educational training. At the end of the summer, I will graduate with a Master’s in Business Education, and be a student teacher in the fall. In my business education courses, I have learned about professional organizations, endorsements, textbook adoption, and a few smaller topics. One class did focus a lot on the syllabus, unit plan, lesson plan, setting measurable objectives, and following the core standards. When I started thinking on what my “take away” is from this course, I realized that it is about 90% of the course. The other 10%, I actually knew. Since you probably do not want me to write a book, I am going to pick out the topics that grabbed my attention the most. Prior to beginning this course, I knew changes had occurred in how knowledge was delivered to students in the classroom. What I did not realize was how much was involved in the development of curriculum and the extent to which it has changed in such a short time. It has always been my perception that teachers knew the subjects they taught and that their knowledge was transferred to the students. I had not given much thought to the many other factors that a teacher is responsible for. I now understand that there are many elements involved in planning and implementing a curriculum for each class taught. I am amazed at the magnitude of information that needs to be considered; such as, desk arrangements, wall space use, planned activities, time considerations, classroom management, rules, procedures, record keeping, available resources, technology, plus many more. Many of these items can probably be easily mastered after performed a time or two, but as a future teacher, I have to ask, “What have I gotten myself into?” When I was in school, all I remember was that my teachers had a...
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