3 Reasons to Be a Teacher

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3 most important reasons for wanting to be a teacher.

I enjoy being in the classroom for several reasons. First, I find it very rewarding working with children and helping them to gain knowledge and grow as individual. Additionally, I enjoy the challenge of working with children who have difficulties in content areas or challenging students who are strong in certain content areas. Finally, I take pleasure in creating a warm and inviting classroom culture with my students.

How much do I want to learn about my students to be most helpful to them? I like to gather as much information about my students from a variety of sources. I believe information helps me prepare to maximize my students’ growth as individuals and academically. I would like to know about my students’ learning styles and strengths and weaknesses in content areas. My planning for lessons is student focused so knowing the learning styles and strengths/weaknesses helps me create lessons that best fit my classroom.

To begin, I like to hear from my students’ parents as the first information. I believe parents’ input/feedback is very important to understanding a children’s learning style. Additionally, it is helpful to learn about my students’ previous school experiences, specifically gaining insight into my students’ strengths and weaknesses. Finally, I enjoy speaking with my students individually to learn about how they feel in school, what content areas they enjoy, and areas they may not like.

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I need to know the Arizona State and Kyrene standards that I will be teaching. From there, I look to the resources the school has provided to help plan the lessons. For instance, if the lesson is teaching addition and subtraction facts, I would look to the Investigations and Scott Foresmann teacher’s manuals.

There are several key components to planning a lesson. First, I must reach out to the students to determine their background...
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