Siop and Madeline Hunter

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SIOP and Madeline Hunter
Being a teacher, and setting up your class to be as productive as it possibly can be relates to the notion of how well planned is the class going to be. Is there going to be any dead spots, confusions, or even misunderstandings between the student and the teacher? Ultimately lesson planning is the essential fixer to all of the unwarranted questions that as a teacher you do not want to deal with on a daily basis. In lesson planning there is, in essence, multiple ways to lesson plan. Those ways are through SIOP, Madeline Hunter and sometimes UBD. All of these have its benefits on what it focuses on most to keep the students engaged in the classrooms teachings but we will focus on the aspects of SIOP and Madeline Hunter. In the SIOP lesson plan it has its strengths and weaknesses but for the most part the SIOP is more dedicated to a much diversified classroom, in which it contains ELL students in the classroom. SIOP stands for Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol. Even though SIOP is designated more to those students who are learning English as a Second Language (ESL), SIOP is still based on teaching the benefits of all students, not just those who are learning English as an additional language. (CAL, 2012) In the SIOP lesson plan it includes the educational standards that should be clearly summed up in the content objectives and the learning objectives. , The content objectives in essence help the students make connections between real life scenarios and the actual learning material. The language objective is ultimately the way to enhance those ESL learners to become more acquainted through the use of oral learning methods, or handouts that would help advance the proficiency levels with their English Language. A disadvantage of this lesson plan is that it seems to favor those kids who are ELL’s. SIOP ultimately dedicates its lesson plan into 3 parts, preparation, instruction, and review and assessment. One of the key elements of a...
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