Technology Is Helpful Student or Harmful Student

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Is Technology Helpful Or Harmful For Students?
The first technology in the world was fire and tools. People of the Stone Age did not have the luxury of turning on the TV and watching the news, texting on the phone and playing video games at the computer. Living in the Computer- Driven Information Age, we don’t necessarily think of fire or tools as technologies. So we learning how to use fire were the human development’s first try in the world.(From Many people have many opinions about technology. Is it helpful or harmful to students? Technology helps student have good work at school. But technology can made student not pay attention at classes, too. All the things have double-sides. How do you think? Technology becomes a big part to our lives every day and everywhere in the world. Technology can help people or harmful to people. Many students are using computer in classes, on home doing homework. Student can learn language faster and easier in the Internet. It’s very helpful for the student. Technology makes all students have a good brain, but many people think have some student using computer more than sleeping time. Some students are watching TV, texting on the phone and using Facebook at the same time. Scientists said technology made students forget learning from yesterday. I disagree. Technology can make everyone have fun, learn faster. Technology is the good for students. First, Technology makes students learn English in small villages. On February 1st 2012, a group called One Laptop Per Child carried 20 table computers to WenChi, Ethiopia. Many children at the village can’t go to school. They are very lucky. They used table computers to learn English. They think learning and reading English is very important. Table computer make it fast to learning English, even though computers are not the same as the English teacher. So they learn very hard. Technology helps student in many things. Second, Technology makes it easier...
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