Educational Technology Plan

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Technology Pages: 16 (5239 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Veronica Sellars
Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Grand Canyon University EDU-225
April 1, 2012
Professor Drenda Scolari

I. Vision, Mission Statements and Rationale
II. Communication Plan
III. Integrating Instructional Technology
IV. Software to Support Assessment
V. Technology Ethics in the Classroom
VI. Conclusion


Vision Statement, Mission Statement & Rationale

Vision Statement

Technology, teamed with curriculum and Georgia Performance Standards, will be the tools needed to nurture and allow students to be creative, complex thinkers, while maximizing student achievement.

Mission Statement

Technology is an effective and necessary tool which encourages learning, enhances problem-solving and develops effective communication skills in order for students to survive in our ever-changing technology based world.

As an educator in the 21st century, it is necessary to say that technology is the key to learning more effectively. In education today, we as educators have to step up and utilize technology in all areas of the classroom. Using technology, along with the guidance of the instructor, students are encouraged to be creative, complex thinkers, as well as being self-directed learners. Incorporating technology in today’s classroom, better prepares students to succeed in their chosen field and become a competitive part of our technology driven world.

With the help of all the gadgets and gizmos, the classroom is an extraordinary place to learn. ( n.d.) While technology cannot work alone, educators must learn how to successfully team it with the core curriculum, national and state standards in order to prepare students and achieve the maximum student performance. In combing these things effectively, educators produce students that can safely operate these gadgets and gizmos as well as communicate with others, while making important decisions. Students will also have the ability to think critically all while being creative as they work in groups. ( Technology is an amazing tool that if used properly, helps educators prepare students to be productive, responsible citizens in order to be a valuable asset to society.

As an educator, we have to step up and prepare not only our students but ourselves as well. We have to stay on top of new and ever-changing tools and programs in order to maximize student learning. Using technology, teachers can prepare effective and efficient lessons, make assessments and communicate with parents and the community. Technology can assist the teacher with monitoring progress of each student.

Integrating technology in today’s classroom is a something educators are going to have to prepare for in order for maximum student performance. (Prensky, 2001). Technology opens doors to a world of learning, while teaching students to focus on the task at hand. Technology increases student interest and motivation, which leads to harder working students, which in turn raises the probability for higher student achievement.


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Communication Plan
Communication is extremely important in today’s classroom. There are many tech-savvy gadgets and gizmos that are readily available. It would be almost senseless not to take advantage of them in order to stay in contact with students, parents and even the community. Using these...
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