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Topics: Thought, Question, Embarrassment Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Technology can be immensely useful especially in school, certain careers, people who choose to help others and unfortunately also to those who chose to use it badly to ruin a person’s life or the community or world as a whole, but question is, does technology really help us students particularly? From my life time experience I don’t think technology really helps us, technology just makes us lazy, and lazy enough to plagiarize or miss use it. I can relate to plagiarism because I’ve done it not only twice but three times if I can recall and for the first time in my life I was caught in my honors 9 language arts class; I was scared, ashamed and embarrassed thinking I was the only one I remember feeling humiliated as my face burned but truth was I wasn’t the only one you yourself would be surprised to hear who the others were. The teacher talked to me after class was over and yes I did end up failing her class, I didn’t bother asking the teacher for extra credit or for something that I could do that could possibly higher my grade because I knew I deserved it. New year, new class and at last I was no longer a freshmen and man the minute I walked into my honors 10 language arts class after first lunch was over we turned in our summer essay projects and had a test on the book this teacher was smart she thought like a teen long story but to make it AJDNSLKNDKLNSAKNKLSNFKLHOEWCKJ NKSB for me. I’m not saying that technology hasn’t helped me because it has in so many ways but sometimes it feels like technology fails at helping us from learning as well as learning from our mistakes. But you know what they say the only one who has the power to hampering you is yourself and technology wasn’t built to help lazy people like me it was made to help others with the unknown, with questions, with things that we can’t manage to find out ourselves.
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