I Believe Speech

Topics: Medicine, Human anatomy, Cancer Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 14, 2013
I Believe Speech
Eric Dworman

I believe technology has made the world a better, but some of the effects have resulted in several consequences. People have a longer life span, but we are wasting more time doing useless things like watching television. There are many pros of technology. Technology helped us invent cars, Televisions, air conditioners, etc. One really valuable asset is our dear computers. Without technology, we wouldn't have been able to have these things, but some cons of technology could be maybe having a video game that is non-educational that teaches you nothing and does nothing to make people better. In sports, equipment has become safer and has reduced injuries. A little thing like the mouth guard has reduced concussions which have ended up saving peoples brains. Innovative discoveries in health care have athletes staying healthy and recovering from injuries faster than ever. In the classroom, computers allow students to learn through exploring the internet and doing research. Looking up information and researching papers with this resource can keep students more interest in a project and learning more than they would with a textbook. New technology can make students have a low attention span which makes them become more interested in their phone than what is going on in class. This is not always possible though because the newest and best technology is often very expensive and schools cannot always afford to get new computers every couple years. Many new jobs are created from new technology being in high demand from consumers. This has helped the people who have created the technology a lot, but many of these things are too expensive too be made in the US so it has to be made in China which creates unemployment in America. Consumers in the US are still willing to buy cars, computers, and other technology made in China because of the low prices. So in ways technology is part of the reason the economy is poor...
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