How Technology Affects Us.

Topics: Social network service, MySpace, Internet Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Most people say that technology has positive effects on everyone because it helps everyone with homework and other resources like for example using Google. But there are a lot of negative effects like poor grades and addiction because of wasted time on the computer. Also we are relying on the internet to find our work and we are not learning anything. Over the years technology could have more positive effects but for now negative effects are outnumbering the positive effects. According to the experts, the use of all technology has positive and negative effects. As Holly Cefrey stated, “American teens mostly spend their time on Facebook and watching T.V and also playing video games.” (1). She also claimed that “97% of all youth play video games throughout the whole day.” (Cefrey 2). So in other words, instead of the youth playing video games and going on Facebook all day, they could be working on their homework or on their other school studying and that would greatly increase their grades! Anita Hamilton proved that, 200 million college students who use social networking have had a large decrease in their GPA compared to the students who don’t use it. (3). I think that it would be okay to use social networking to a limited time but not go on it too much where then it starts become an addiction.

One negative effect that technology has on students is the time wasted watching T.V, Facebook, and video games, etc. Other experts say that the world would be so different without all the technology that we have so far. The internet and T.V are probably the two biggest technologies that are affecting people now. Also many of the video games today are very violent and it would be bad for the kids who play. But youth can’t imagine their life without video games. When the T.V came out people didn’t know what they would do with it and now people can’t even live without it. Holly Cefrey said that later in the years everyone will be using all sorts of technology 24/7 but then...
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