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Topics: High school, Teacher, Secondary education Pages: 5 (1730 words) Published: November 29, 2011
The Impacts of Teaching Aids usage on secondary school students’ performance in biology: a study of some selected senior secondary school in Yewa South Local government area.

1. Background to the study
The teaching of Biology to make understanding of the students has been what teachers of the subject find difficult to do. Even as cases may arise when these teachers are not happy about their students’ performance in the subject, not many of them have sat down to find out where the problem lies. (Robert, 2009) The few who have endeavored to sleep over the problems in order to proffer solutions have always seen the problems outside themselves despite the fact that there is a lot they can do to make students learn without tears. The teachers have attached the poor performance of students in biology to several factors. Among these factors are: (a)Students poor knowledge of integrated science

b) The attitude of the students to the subject
c) Lack of good text books
d) Lack of standard laboratory (Taiwo, 1982).
What they have failed to do is trace or tries to view the problems from the perspective of their own performance. It cannot be over stressed that teaching requires a great deal of dedication on the part of the teacher. According to Edun (2003) in his article on “Teaching and Teachers” stressed that “Those who come into teaching, must know what they are bargaining for. Their consuming interest in the lesson and even level of class’s attendance has declined drastically. What could be responsible for this? One of the students I interviewed had to say “Ma, we have not been using things you now use’ Things referring to the teaching aids I used to take the class during my teaching which could be real objects examples include plants of different colors when I taught plant nutrition and just with a diagram on cardboard and so on. There and then I begin to think of it that there could be a correlation between the use of teaching aids and performance of students in biology. Since then I had the feeling that one should carry out a study to find out the truthfulness or otherwise of this discovery. This is what this project attempts to do. Let us imagine a situation whereby teaching aids are not used at all. No chalkboard, no textbook; the teacher just continue to talk on and on. Can we think of how the class will look like? How much can the students understand and internalize under this situation? Definitely, it will be very little. This shows that the use of chalkboard and textbooks will make some differences in learning and consequently students’ performance. An analogy can be drawn from here that if the use of a few teaching aids will make some difference in learning, then a greater use of them will make a great deal of difference in our teaching and the performance of students will improve. Some teachers do not make use of teaching aids because they feel the aids are not easy to get. Many avenue, however exist for procuring Teaching Aids in Biology. Some of these avenues, in the words of Edun (2003), are; a) The Teacher: The teachers can get specimen for the student’s practical and if there are no specimens readily available he/she can improvise for them. b) The School: The school should provide the apparatus to the Biology laboratory so that preservation of some animals or plants that will be useful for the students can be made. c) The Environment: Real objects are good and can be used, collected either by the students or teachers in the environment for studies that are related to it e.g. aquatic. d) The student: In areas where we have to improve, the students would be of help in bringing certain materials from home. For example, students could be asked to plant some maize in a tin and observe for some days when dealing with germination. Having said this, the trust of this research work is to investigate the impacts of teaching aids usage...
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