Declinig Education Standard

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  • Published : October 7, 2010
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Declining Education Standard
Education is very compulsory for everyone. But in our society, there exist some people who are against the education of woman and girls. But our prophet (PBUH) says that knowledge is compulsory for everyone men & women both. There is no respect of a teacher or educator man. And that’s not fair. There are no complete laboratories in our school & colleges. Students have become the symptom of cruelty. Everyone thinks that seeking knowledge is not his obligation. The course which is taught in our schools is not enough. That course is very old. But we have need of new things. There is another cause of mass failure which is that the schools are not enough for the education of people. Therefore, schools are always overcrowded. In one class there are present more than seventy children where the teacher can handle only forty students. And there is no enough space for so many boys. And is also lack of institutions. There is also lack of furniture and rooms.

There is also another problem which is that the gap is present between teacher and pupil. A taught can’t say his own expression to teacher. They are always frightened that teacher will punish them or any thing else such like that. They can’t share their problems to a teacher. So, they don’t understand their books and there is produced mass failure.

Excellent teacher are also not found. There are only few teachers who are honest to their profession. They always think about money and fame and don’t care about students that what are they doing or studying. They think that students are not related to them. And this is not good. They should think that those students are their sons and daughters. Money is not the need of us but education is needed. Education makes a nation great and strong not wealth and power. The pen of a scholar is more effective, valuable and powerful than a powerful man. Wealth can not make a nation great and strong because it decreases by giving to other but knowledge...
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