The Failing American School System

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Why is the American School System Failing?
John E. Rumrill
Ottawa University
EDC 7153

Are nondiscriminatory decisions made that are appropriate for the education of each student? This document will attempt to identify trends in education. Resources that include padding grades, buying grades, buying degrees and corruption in learning institutions are evaluated. Part time instructors and inexperienced faculty members aid to the continued problem. There are many reasons the American school system is failing this document identifies some of the biggest problems.

Why is the American School System Failing?
In Battle (2002) “Why Bright Kids Fail: Helping the Underachiever” a main point focuses on depression. True as it is noted, depression makes it hard to learn. Today’s students are faced with too much stress and negativity; from: being overweight, to name calling and bullying it is hard for these students to focus. Noted that undiagnosed depression is a leading emotional illness of childhood brings new evidence to the topic of the failing school system.

In children depression produces the same slowing of abilities both mental and physical as in adults. The feelings of being worthless and hopeless could easily create intense fatigue. Sleep becomes the priority rather than interaction with peers or adults.

Knowing these concerns it is understandable why children cannot meet the level of concentration needed for proper learning or test-taking cannot be attained. This in turn increases school failure rate and feeling inadequate.

A specific student, Jenny (as noted from this article) recalls that she cannot ever remember a time where she did not feel awful of dread and self-hate. Jenny was an honor roll student who ended up quitting school her junior year. Eventually she felt too tired to even tell anyone of her feelings. Had she told of her feelings she felt it would be interpreted as having mononucleosis due to her recent ended relationship.

An attempt at suicide provided her with the much needed attention. She is now working towards completing her GED and hopes to enter a junior college.
Any teacher will tell you that an ongoing concern in any classroom is simple distractions. Noted from Battle (2002) students must be able to pay as much attention in class as there is available. These distractions are not limited to classroom interruptions many stem from home. Many children come to school with “one eye” on their work and the other on family dynamics, which could be divorce, death, issues of mental and physical health from family members.

"I think I knew before my parents did that they were going to get a divorce," said Harry, once an "A" student who now struggles to pass his courses. "I think about it all the time and wonder whether my dad can handle it all alone and away from us and if my mom will ever stop crying," as quoted from Battle (2002). This is an all true example of kids having to hear the family troubles without regard.

According to Werby ”Why do Kids fail in School?” The social demands occurring in a child’s brain are competing with the body and undergoing incredible changes. The large amount of memorization required during this time in their lives is greater than any quantity they will be required to obtain. With homework and extracurricular activities there is an ever increased pressure to succeed in all areas. Many students regularly have a twelve hour day and time on the weekend. Most high school students have a more rigorous workload than many middle managers. Taking all of the prior information into consideration add in a troubled home life.

Werby adds to the categories why students fail in school: poor language skills, problems with attention control, social interaction, fine motor control difficulty, poor memory and disorganization. She notes that students do not fail because they want to but because they...
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