A New Deal for Teachers

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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A New Deal For Teachers: Response
The teacher quality of today is much weaker than what it has been in the past. In his article A New Deal For Teachers , Matthew Miller explains the demand for good teachers. He informs his readers that many teachers aren’t actually teaching because that was their desired profession, but because it was a last resort, so they don’t care as much for the students learning. Another issue of the teacher quality is salary. Miller explains that in the 1960s and 1970s school teachers were all very talented women but higher paying careers were not open to them. Now that those careers such as a doctor or a lawyer are open to anyone they are often taken over teaching because of the huge difference in salaries. The difference of a lawyer compared to teacher is around $2,000 starting out but topping out at around a difference of about $110,000. However some teachers who actually choose teaching as their top profession don’t mind the salary difference, they look at the greatness of the students to be fulfilling enough for them with the addition of free summers. An additional issue is that not many of these types of teachers are in the poorer and urban school districts. A shocking statistic was that half of the new teachers will actually quit within three years and they are usually the smarter teachers.

How do we fix this? Matthew Miller believes proposing a “New Deal” for the teachers is the best way. He believes that in order to have a better quality of teachers is to make teaching a profession that college students strive for not that they fall onto. By doing so he first suggests that their needs to be a better system to fire the teachers. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars plus a few years to dismiss a Tenured Teacher and the whole time it is being decided upon this teacher is being transferred between multiple different schools. The percentage of the ones who actually get dismissed is unbelievably low. Miller’s next step would...
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