Literature Review: Misconceptions in Science

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Knowledge Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: June 8, 2012
Dyrenfurth, M. & Goris, T. (n.d.) Students’ Misconceptions in Science, Technology, and Engineering. Purdue University: Indiana. Their main aim of the article was to compare any significant differences towards misconceptions of phenomena’s and the different strategies of how to approach misconceptions. The article begins by identifies what science, technology and engineering is and attempts to classify what misconceptions are in relation to these concepts. Although a definition is not established, it proposes many possibilities on where misconceptions derive from. However with that being said, the article does not include any strategies to attack these misconceptions rather it makes statements on the process of learning and attaining knowledge in the acknowledged areas. For the purpose of my assignment this resource was helpful as it was relevant to identifying misconceptions and possible reasons as to why they were developed. Further research was needed to go with this article as there were limited theories on how misconceptions were formed rather they were a list of assertions. Article 2:

Modell, H., Michael, J. & Wentworth , M.P. (2005). Helping the learner to learn: the role of uncovering misconceptions. The American Biology Teacher, 6, 1, 20-26. This resource was based on a meeting of physicists, chemists, biologists and science educators who have experienced issues related to misconceptions within their own disciplines. The main idea that I sourced from this article was that each individual creates their own mental models based on prior knowledge and experiences. In some cases these experiences lead to misconceptions. It concluded the research suggesting that the teacher was only the facilitator of the learning process and that it was up to the student to manipulate and change any misconceptions they had formed by investigating and making judgements about their conclusions. This resource was useful in a sense that the examples they used appropriate were...
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