The History Boys-Newspaper Article- Written by Scripps for the School Magazine.

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Newspaper Article- Written by Scripps for the school magazine.

Outstanding! Our Oxbridge Boys Elevate The School!
So how can you do the same?

So it’s final! Congratulations! The boys of Cutlers’ Grammar school have finally made their headmaster the happiest man in Sheffield after eight of Cutlers’ most influential students make the grade and earn themselves a place at Oxbridge. They are the first of their kind in the history of the school and are they proud? The answer lies firmly with the pleased-as-punch headmaster. For now, the school sits securely at the top of the league tables, right where it was intended to be. An outstanding performance all round has seen an 100% success rate of all of Mr Hector, Mr Irwin’s and Mrs Lintott’s students furthering their education and getting themselves into University. Even the unlikeliest of boys made the grade.

So how did they achieve such a difficult challenge set to them by the school? Was luck on their side? Maybe the pressure from both teachers and other students is to blame. How about the boy’s intelligence itself? Or maybe even God. Whatever the answer is, it’s clear that the boy’s entry into Oxbridge for the first time in all of Cutlers’ history should not just be a one off. Education itself is like a religion. You only get out what you put in. It’s fair to say that some take it seriously, while others don’t. The pressure to succeed is enough to make you rebel and the influences along the way are bound to affect the choices and decisions you take along the way. The teachers themselves are committed to the students, desperately trying to make their education worthwhile….or are they?

The teachers of the school play a vital part in the development and contribution an individual student makes to the school. Mr Hector, the boy’s English teacher has a very controversial attitude towards teaching. It is very much a cultural learning experience. Deemed inappropriate by some, it is clear that whatever Hector...
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