Common Problems

Topics: Mathematics, Problem, Examination Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Based on the survey research that has been conducted, the top ten common problems encountered by the high school students 1were as follows: 1.Memory blocks
2.Exam stress
3.Lack of preparation
4.Panic attacks
6.Lack of knowledge about the topic
7.Misunderstanding of directions
8.Pressure and Financial Problems
9.Unpleasant weather conditions
10.No permit
According to the respondents, memory block is their no. 1 problem during examinations. Getting rid of this problem is very hard especially to those who did not prepare their selvesmentally.Exam stress is another great problem that they have encountered. Many agreed that thequestionnaires during exams are really hard to answer especially the calculations in mathematics, causing them to be stressed. They lack of preparation because of their busy schedule. They are not able to prepare or review that much. Some encountered panic attacks because they are not  prepared for the examination, they didn’t review the given topics for the upcoming examination. One unavoidable problem that they have encountered was illness/sickness. It can strike you even when there’

s an examination. Lack of knowledge about the topic happens when the student did not listen to the teachers during discussions. Many of them misunderstand the given directions because they are not reading it carefully or they are not reading the direction at all. They are being pressured because of the given time limit. Maybe the given time was not enough to answer a certain subject. Financial problem is really a problem especially to those who do not have stable familyincome.The classes are automatically suspended when the weather is unpleasant and the examination will be delayed if there is. Some fail to take exam because they fail to ask permission slip. These are the top ten Common Problems that have been encountered by the students.
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