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The critical challenge facing any business is keeping up with technology. With the help of technology, businesses can keep a record of their stock, sales, earnings, e.t.c.

With technology rapidly increasing, it is an essential part of business. The aim of this project is to introduce Odhani fashion boutique to the world of technology. Odhani has been established since 1997 and their activities are all manual based. For a business to run successfully, there are a number of factors but this paper concentrates on the IT aspect. Although IT is not the only factor that contributes to the success of businesses it is a very important one and with the help of marketing, customer relations and staff.

The hypothesis of this project is that IT is very useful and along with it factors such as leadership and management styles, mentoring and coaching, and communication will also be discussed.


W & J IT Consultants Co (W&J IT Consultants Co) has been in the market since 1970. In these 35 years, it has introduced many companies to the world of Information Technology. It manages IT projects for its clients and also provides training. Training is based upon the size of the client company. Small companies get training sessions and bigger companies get instruction/training manuals.

W&J IT Consultants Co has been approached by Odhani to handle an IT project.

Odhani Fashion Boutique is a reputable company in Kingsbury. Established in 1997, it has strived to succeed even though it faces fierce competition from the likes of Roopshringar, Swagat and Apsara.

The main drawback of the company is the lack of technology that is used in their day-to-day activities. The company specialises in Indian outfits both for adults and kids. Their speciality includes; alterations and hiring of wedding gowns. Due to the ever changing fashion, stock record is vital. The aim of this project is to develop an integrated system which will have the functions controlling the stock, accounting system, a customer database and a database to record all the alterations and hiring of the garments.

Hardware and Software
Currently all transactions are done manually and acts as a barrier to excellent customer service. When customers are enquiring about the availability of any item, they want an immediate answer. Currently the availability of stock has to be done manually which is time consuming and loss of customers as they tend to get very impatient.

Odhani has contacted W&J IT Consultants Co to set up an integrated system to improve the quality of their services.


Below are the technical and non-technical issues that will be faced by W&J IT consultants.

Technical issues

Poor planning is the main cause of failure of any projects. Every individual involved in the project should be aware of how the project is being handled and regularly update all workers. Meetings will play an important role as this is the only way the whole team can come together and discuss any matters relating to the project.

Postponing the start date will incur additional costs and extra time needed to complete the project. Poor planning can lead to several problems and late start is one of them. Late start could be due to the IT company or customer company. IT company would fail to start the project due to labour, materials and so many other factors. Whereas the customer can add more specifications to the project hence delaying the project.

Extra costs will be incurred as a result of late start. Every project has a limited budget and time. When a project is delayed, the manager will have to work outside the set time and hence additional costs will be incurred in terms of salaries and wages, some equipments might have been hired and will have to be paid for until the completion of the project. The extra costs will lead to an increase in the budget which will be payable by the client company.

Updating old systems can cut down on...
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