Target Audience. Market Segmentation of Bajaj-Renault-Nissan

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Middle class, Social class Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: July 13, 2012
1. Demographics and Psychographics for the Bajaj-Renault-Nissan low cost car

To map the consumer profile and exact segmentation, Demographic and Psychographic characteristics have to be considered: (for the Bajaj-Renault-Nissan low cost car)
Demographic characteristics are as follows:

Gender: The car is for the family, so gender is immaterial here. But generally, the male person of the house is the influencer and the decider of the purchase, thus the Ad has to be made considering him as the target market

Age: 25-40 years

Income: Rs. 3- 5 Lakhs per annum for the family

Education: Graduate

Occupation: Lower level Executive in any organisation

Social class: middle class, upper middle class

Geography : Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in India..

Marital status: Married with 1 - 2 or more kids

Using scooter or bike

Psychographic characteristics are as follows:

Culture: Indian
Attitudes: Believes in saving
Values:Indian mindset, follows tradition
Beliefs: saving, buying what you need, economic
Lifestyle: Simple
Preferences: Good quality products not branded/ designer/ elite

[The culture is Indian. Here it isn’t a direct influencer in the purchase]

Speech pattern: Generally the people at a lower level in an organisation do not speak sophisticated language.

Dressing style: Simple. Not designer or branded

Recreational preferences: movies and Restaurants (once every 2 weeks)

Media preferences: TV (Reality shows and Cricket). They neither watch English News channels nor Business News channels. They also do not read English newspapers except for a small percentage in Metros. Regional newspapers are read more. Radio is also frequently heard but more so in Metros.

Reference group: Aspirational

Opinion leader: Bollywood actors and Cricketers

Where do they stand in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory?...
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