Which Positioning Should Mazda Adopt for Launching ‘Miata’?

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Brand Positioning - Miata|
Which Positioning should Mazda adopt for Launching ‘Miata’?| |


Overall Corporate Repositioning Drive:
Mazda considered it vitally important to strengthen its emotional bonds with consumers in order that they choose a Mazda car from among all the similar competitors. In the face of incentive wars, Mazda needed to build brand equity and decided to move its product lines up-scale. “Niche Marketing” required more uniqueness that pleased a few people intensely, rather than a lot of people, somewhat. Mazda emphasized on Kansei Engineering which stressed on emotional and psychological rather than rational benefits. Miata Launch

Market Segmentation:
The market size for convertibles (both in terms of sales of imports & U.S. Production) increased from year 1982 to 1988. Overall Size, Sportiness, and price tended to define the traditional automobile segments. The Miata fell into the subcompact speciality category which included models such as Pontiac Fiero and Nissan Pulsar. Analyses of consumer’s demographics reveal that people Less than 45 years of age represented 58% of first time new car buyers. 57% of car buyers Under 25 years of age and 61% of those having a household income of less than $ 30,000 were females. Therefore, the target consumer must be young people and especially young females. Target demographic was car lovers, in particular a sporting car lovers.

A positioning strategy based on horizontal differentiation identifies the group of young people who need a sub compact sports car that is reliable, easy to handle and affordable. In my Point of View, Mazda should have adopted the “Pure Fun” positioning for Miata because this positioning was a good fit with the anticipated use of the car and the initial reaction most people expressed to its appearance. Moreover, the concept of the Miata was simplicity, affordability and total balance to provide the best fun to drive value. Psychological...
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