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Topics: Research, Quantitative research, Automobile Pages: 10 (2889 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Module Code: PM002

Class/Group: Group C

Module Title: Research Design and Critique

Assessment: Full Research Proposal

Assignment Title: An investigation into the factors that influence the Glaswegian public’s choice of car.

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Date of Submission: November 29th, 2012

An investigation into the factors that influence the Glaswegian public’s choice of car.

The number of automobiles had risen to over 1 billion vehicles all the world in 2010, which is 20 times more than this number in 1986(Sousanis, John,2011). Car plays a indispensable role in today's society, according to a survey from World Bank(2011), the number of ownership of motor vehicles per 1,000 people is more than 500 in most of developing countries, especially for Monaco, the number was 908(World Bank Data,2009). Although cars have become more and more commonplace, but the cars are still expensive commodity, also there is no doubt that the final decisions are usually made after careful consideration when people purchasing a car(Kathuria, Singla,2012). At the same time, as the vehicle types supplied to be chosen by consumers have become more and more various. When consumer facing with abundant of choices, they become more and more confused and irresolute. With the segmentation of automobile market, the factors that affect the public' car choices are more and more diversified.

According to Couton et al.(2006), various studies have applied hedonic price modeling to show that price variation among new cars can be explained by differences in key product characteristics such as horsepower, engine capacity, speed, and safety features. However, these measurable variables may not be the main explanatory factors which will influence the choice of consumers. Based on the above mentioned content, this research will focus on the decisive factors which will impact the public's final choice of car, especially in the Glasgow area due to investigations and studies in the field will be carried out and conducted in this city. Its results would probably benefit to car dealers and consumers. Especially for car manufacturers, they can according to consumer preferences to redesign and improve vehicles to gain better market performance.

1. What are the choices the public have when buying a car?
2. What are the main factors influencing public’s choices? 3. What variables affect these factors?

Annotate Bibliography

Banerjee,S.(2010) ,Study on Consumer Buying Behavior During Purchase of a Second Car , Journal of Marketing & Communication ,6 (2),4-13.

This essay describes that for different types of automobiles, the main factors affect consumer’s purchase is slightly different in choosing a particular brand is always based on the different set of consumers towards various preference parameter. For different market segments of vehicle, dimensions are different. A successful car brand has had to accept and adopt these dimensions. In addition, the author also pointed out that there are many common factors influence the public's choice between consumers to buying a second car and purchasing the first one, but there are some obvious differences between them. For example, functional level factor such as car efficacy and usefulness are main concerns for second car buyers. Moreover, this article also mentioned that a high level of investment in advertising and promotional activities may not be able to guarantee a high percentage of repeat purchase. However, a long-term stable customer relationship will probably increase the probability of second time purchase.

This journal is effectively to analysis interrelationship between consumer’s first car and second car, and common facts which seem to influence the public’s purchase behavior. The survey uses a probability sampling approach conducted with the passenger car owners in India with 525 samples. However, in this article, the...
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