Res/341 Data Collection

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Data Collection

Review of Literature
The first peer-reviewed article was showing how in the 1950s, SUV’s (sport utility vehicle) sales increased tremendously with baby boomers. People were in need of larger vehicles to accommodate their entire family. This was not just for domestic vehicles this also included foreign vehicle. With so many people interested in purchasing the SUV’s, this led to other car companies designing more comfortable, larger vehicles. Another peer-reviewed article was in regards to the searching strategies people used before actually purchasing a new vehicle. Not everyone can walk into a dealership and know exactly what they are looking for in their price range and it is readily available. That is why most people before purchasing a vehicle use a strategy before purchasing. Not everyone’s search strategies are the same, not everyone is looking for the exact type of vehicle. Some automobile companies sent out surveys to some of their customers for a 3 month span to see how satisfied they were with the new vehicles and what the new vehicle may not have had that the consumer would have liked. When the surveys were returned they categorized the responses to see where improvements could be made to accommodate more people. The next peer-reviewed article pertained to how well auto incentives increase business. This article was in reference to finding out if car incentives and manufacturer rebates increased sales of vehicles. It started with one manufacture using incentives, which quickly spread too many others, including domestic and foreign companies. The increase in business was much more than the companies had expected. Previously dealerships were only offering rebates to the manufacturers not necessarily the consumers. In knowing about how sales increased during baby boomer years, to the age of people purchasing the vehicles can all be helpful information. Knowing exactly what people are looking for when searching for a...
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