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  • Published: May 15, 2013
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Numerous Consumers are faced with many key factors that influence the decision they make when purchasing a product.These include Price, Age, Finance, Marketing, Service, Environmental, Gender and convenience. Apply these factors as a guide, this discussion will analyse the key factors affecting consumer decisions for buying a car based upon two consumers Rowena philips who is 20 years old and a Full time university student, part time shoe salesperson and Derek Jamion who is 38 and a stay home dad.

Price is one of the main factors because we want the best quality but for a low price, this will determine Rowena and Derek choice when it come to buying a car. Price is a powerful factor when you are buying a product, as numerous consumers want the best thing for a low price. Derek would have a larger range of cars then Rowena because Derek’s income is $80,000 so he could buy any car he would want. On the other hand Rowena’s income is $12000 so she only has a smaller ranger. Rowena would have to purchase a second hand car because she doesn’t have enough money to buy a car of her choice. For Rowena it would be a hassle because she would have to run around to different car deals to find a cheap car but have good quality. While Derek on the other hand can spend as much money as he wants on a car because he has more money then Rowena and he doesn’t have to run around to car deals.

Age is a serious factor to consider when buying a car. The way this will impact the choice of Rowena and Derek is the car dealer will try to overrule one of them. To tell you now it is not Derek because Derek would know a bit more about cars because he is interested in cars. Also Derek is 18 years older than Rowena so he would have more experience with cars and purchasing a car. Rowena is young than Derek so she lacks experience in purchasing a car, and the car dealers would try to take advantage of her because they would know that she is young and the car dealers would think that she knows less things about cars and how to buy a car. So the person that would have a better deal at getting a car would be Derek because he knows more about car and his age would tell the car dealers that he might have experience with buying a car, while Rowena has no clue about cars and her ages would tell the car dealers that she has no experience buying a car.

In the future there will be times when the price of a product is more than the amount of cash you have available in this case of buying a car Derek and Rowena would have some trouble with his and her finance . Finance is a necessary factor to think about when purchasing a product, because normally when the product is high-priced it will effect the end result of purchasing a product. For Derek finance is more important to him than Rowena because, Derek would have a house that has a mortgage and so he would be trying to pay off his house mortgage so that would mean he has less money to spend on a car but would still have a larger range than Rowena. The reason Rowena would still have less range of cars since she has a low income compared to Derek. Rowena would also have limited cars because people that are Rowena’s age are more independent and they support them self, Rowena might have a apartment that she is renting and most of her money would go to her apartment, pay her university fees and she would use some money on things she needs, so Rowena would have a smaller amount of money to buy her self a car.

As a consumer like Derek and Rowena we are interminably defenseless to all features of marketing. Marketing plays an exceptionably role in influencing Derek and Rowena decisions. Every now and then there are new products that are released onto the market and advertised. What marketing does is it influence us to think we in to purchase a product that we do not need. Marketing would not really effect Rowena that much because Rowena knows what she want. On the other hand Derek might be influence by the the...
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