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1.0 Executive summary
Different people have their own hobbies and preferences that may influence their purchasing behaviour. Therefore, males, females have different preferences of buying a car. The purchasing behaviour also influenced by other factors, such as age, family size and life styles, for example, different aged children in families. This report will use graphs and statistics to highlight the different preferences between people of purchasing cars. 2.0 Background

2.1 Introduction
Every year there is many people decide to buy a car, however, man and woman has different preferences of choosing a car. The purpose of this report is that the different preference between gender, age and number of year’s licences has been held.

2.2 Literature review research into the problem and purpose of the research

Table 1:Car sales trends from 2010-2012


(Beissmann, 2011)
2.3 The research problem is that from the chart above shows that in the last 2 years, most brands of car sales decreases. So that more car manufactories need to do some change about their car styles in order to attract more consumers. The purpose of this research will find out the customers’ preferences for manufactories to promote their products.

2.4 Research aim

This report highlights that people with different preferences may impact the choose of the car. This report employ survey to collect data, interview survey has been answered by same number of men and women. Also the data has been analysed by SPSS 19. So that the result can be clearly showed by statistics.

2.5 Market research problem

* The car sales keep going down
* Car performance couldn’t satisfy consumer’s need.

2.6 Research question

* Does people with different gender concern differently in safety, style and colour? * Does people in different age concern safety and car spaces? * Does people who held the driving license longer prefer more experience cars and more concern the performance of the cars?

2.7 Hypotheses
RQ1: Gender
H1: woman is more concern about safety than man.
H2: woman concern about style and colour more than man.
RQ2: Age
H1: older people prefer more car space than younger people.
H2: Older people more concern about safety than younger people. RQ3: Number of year’s licences has been held.
H1: people with more driving experiences prefer more expensive car. H2: People who held the licences for a long time more concern about the performance of the car. 2.8 Research objectives

* Customers with different gender concern safety and outside looking of the cars differently. * Consumers who in different age prefer different size of the cars and safety. * People with different drive experiences concern about car performance and car’s price more.

3.0 Methodology
The research used survey to prove the research questions and hypotheses. The survey has been designed as questionnaire type and quantitative research is used for a descriptive research design (Zikmund, 2011). The survey has been done in the car park and has been sent to 300 hundred people that includes 150 males and 150 females. The survey has designed as 4-point likert scale includes demographic question and attitude questions. 4.0 Result

In this section the report use frequency graph and charts to analyse the data.
There were 300 respondents contributed in the survey and no missing of data, include 150 males and 150 females. The respondents' age is from 18 to 75. The research collects data of people's car preferences about cost, style, safety, reliability and performance etc.

4.1 Women more concern safety than men

Statistics for men|
| How important is safety?|
Mean| 3.37|
Median| 3.00|
Mode| 4|
Statistics for women|
| How important is safety?|
Mean| 3.79|
Median| 4.00|
Mode| 4|

How important is safety?...
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