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Executive Summary Name of Project: Jam- me Flavored Taho Plant Location: Macrohon Drive, Canelar, Zamboanga City Porponent: Vanessa Joy R. Delatado Robert Louie C. Dela Paz Crystal Abigail Carpio Edmark Apolinario Cheerlene Refugio Project Description: Partnership Objectives of the Project: To produce the most mouthwatering flavored taho in a zest. As well as, to provide additional income to the proponent. Project Benefits: Provide additional employment and income opportunities. Project cost: Php 500,000 (refer to financial aspect for breakdown). Project Funding: 100% equity by the owners Contingency Plan: Should the project prosper, there will be expansion and more production. If the project will not be successful, the plant can be used to produce other soybean products.


A. Nature of the Business The Philippines is one country whose people are known to be fond of drinking fruit shakes, sago’t gulaman, pineapple juice, etc. because the Filipinos are known to have sweet tooth, Jam-me team conceptualized flavored taho in Zamboanga. While most Filipinos were thinking about refreshments, shakes and coffees, we are busy innovating something better which was based on “Jello Burst”--this refreshment was brought from Manila by Reginald dela Paz (owner) that created an instant hit among its drinkers. The newest drink is a unique and refreshing drink- that is pure to delight many. What makes the drink different and enticing (Flavored Taho) is the chewy “sago” combined with various flavors such as: mango, buko pandan, melon, ube, sweet corn and vanilla. Each flavor has its own distinct taste that is sure to please people’s different palates. The drink is served in distinctive dome-shaped cups with oversized colored straws that allow the sago to shoot up the mouth when the drink is sipped. The business will start as an incubation income generating project and will later be developed into a full- blown manufacturing concern. B. Background of the Study Jam- me Flavored Taho is a new product to be introduced in Zamboanga City. As a must, owners have to screen the applicants to ensure success. This is a new venture product, if this study finds the project viable.


The price for the said taho proposal is Php 500,000. This includes the rental, cart, signage, acquisition of equipment and utensils, uniforms, raw materials and other paraphernalia. C. Significance of the Study This study determines whether the business of Jam-me Flavored Taho in MindPro Citimall Zamboanga, along La Purisima Street is feasible or not. Also, it determines the consumers’ preference in terms of price, quality and distribution of the product. Lastly; this study determines the awareness of consumers and its reasons for patronizing Jam- me Flavored Taho. D. Objectives of the Study The main objective of this feasibility study is to ascertain the viability of venturing into a flavored taho business. In line with this objective, this study therefore attempts to undertake the following:  Identify, rationalize, analyze and understand the key success factors of Jam- me Flavored Taho, and thereafter, exploit opportunities to improve the business.  Introduce and analyze the overall activities and performance of Jam- me Flavored Taho- both internally and relative to the carcinogenic effect on drinkers, and thereafter, assess its strength and weaknesses. E. Scope, Focus and Limitation of the Study It must be realized that this study is limited only in the market acceptability and viability of Jam- me Flavored Taho. The target market of this study are people from all


walks of life most especially health conscious ones. The proponents chose this location for the simple fact that it is near the schools premises “Ateneo” in particular because it is known to be a captive market. Other constraints of this study were related to inflations, economic and political conditions, as well as other calamities that will be encountered during the study. The...
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