Malee Swot Analysis

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Malee Analysis

General information: Malee Sampran Plc. is the manufacturer and distributor of processed agricultural products such as canned fruit, UHT and pasteurized fruit juice, canned coffee, canned tea, drinking water in PET bottle and aseptic bag under Malee brands and customers’ brands in domestic and overseas markets. In addition, the Company is also a distributor of Farm Chokchai brands for UHT and pasteurized milk. Due to the Company has been accepted by the customers for more than 30 years, the Company, under the management of the experienced and capable management team, has grown continuously with several products available in the domestic and export markets.


• Large Amount of Budget
As at December 31, 2010 and December 31, 2009 there were outstanding bank guarantees of approximately Baht 36.43 million and Baht 6.93 million, respectively issued by banks on behalf of the Company in respect of certain performance bonds as required in the ordinary course of its business.

• Market differentiation
To serve all customers’ need and life style, the company until now has been focusing on the product such as canned and aseptic bag fruit, canned & UHT fruit juice and concentrate pineapple exported to be raw material in beverage business.

• Geographic
Thailand is the land suitable for cultivation is mostly agricultural. As a result, the country has a variety of fruits, also the resulting transformation of fruit for export to other countries worldwide. The majority of the Company supplies, 95 %, are sourced locally. With the great reputation of tropical fruits, it is surely a guarantees that Malee do offer their products with good quality.

• Great Reputation of Business Social Responsibility
The Company concerns about the environment. Therefore, it set up the efficient water treatment system, which won the best factory award of the year 1994, 1995 and 1997 and the prize for the best water treatment for the year 1994, Thailand Energy Awards 2008 from the Ministry of Energy from the biomass development project and the second winner of ASEAN Energy Awards in 2008.

• Good Employment Policy
The Company has policy to develop skills of employee in order to work efficiently and manage their responsibility for the future position in their career path. The Personal Department will responsible for the training and development for the employee. In 2010, The total number of employee trained was 1,030 employees from Sales and Marketing Department and Production and Management Department were accounted for 77%. The figures are above the standard of the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which is 50% of total employee.

• Mature operation System
Malee do has its one manufactured company called Agri Sol Company Limited. It is a company subsidiary responsible for manufacturing and distributing of canned sweet corn under Malee brand and client brands. Besides, there are two more companies to manage different business. [pic]

• Highly Market Share in Vegetable and Fruit Juice Business locally The company focuses in the UHT, Pasteurized and concentrate juice. For Thailand, we can categorize the juice in to 5 markets as the characteristic of product as follows: 1) 100% Juice (Premium Market) composed of UHT and Pasteurized Juice. The retail price for this group is about 60-80 Baht/Liter. The market share of premium market is about 34 %of total juice market. 2) 25% - 60% Juice (Medium Market). The retail price of this market is between 40-50 Baht/ Liter and the market share is bout 7% of total market. 3) 25%Juice (Economy Market).The retail is between 20-25 Baht/Liter; and the market share is about 36% of total market. 4) 10% - 25% Juice (Super Economy Market). The market share is about 16% of total market. 5) Other Market. The market share is about 7% of total market. The value of fruit market is Baht...
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