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Topics: Leyte, Tacloban City, The Establishment Pages: 35 (6346 words) Published: January 22, 2012
I. Introductory page

A. Name and Address of the business

“Sip n’ Trip Snack House” is situated at Brgy.25 Real St. Tacloban City near Ritz Tower.

B. Nature of Business

The proposed business is a Snack House. A food establishment that will serve nutritious fruit shakes, milk shakes and finger-licking foods that will cater most especially to the on-the-go individuals. Also, to the general public that is searching for the perfect place to have a relaxing and intense experience to share with their family and friends. The name is coined from how the food is to be served, “sip” because the shakes will be served in a tumbler, while “trip” means to have an intense and relaxing experience. It is a snack shop that would offer a variety of fresh fruit shakes and tasty finger foods. The menus will mainly consist of

It will also provide varieties of music depending on the majority of the clients present in the establishment to add more compliments of being relaxed.

“Sip n’ Trip Snack House” will be located in Real Street near the Ritz tower of Leyte because the target customers will be the students of UP Tacloban, Sto.nino church and employees of the government offices in the vicinity such as Tacloban City Hall, “Bulwagan ng Katarungan”, the Land Transportation Office. Likewise, many people visit and spend their free time near the Balyuan tower because of its beautiful, relaxing ambiance, so that they would also be potential customers of the snack shop.

The product concept………….

Possible limitations of putting up the snack shop is that there will be peak days, usually during weekdays because of nearby offices and students attending classes at UP and lean days because students do not have classes on weekends, also because government agencies do not report for work on weekends. Another possible obstacle is lack of capital to be invested in the project. A third possible hindrance that must be considered would be how to ensure year round supply of fresh fruits and other ingredients for the shakes because of the seasonality of some fruits in the country.


To provide health-friendly fruit shakes served with delicious finger-licking snacks that can satisfy your appetite without spending too much.


To be known as one of the popular snack houses that caters to students, employees and local people who enjoy munching with finger foods and sipping healthy fresh fruit shakes.

Moreover, these are served in convenient disposable tumblers that customers can bring back to their offices or to school.


1. Secure financing of at least P_____ to P______start-up.

2. Provide healthy, hassle free, and fresh fruit shakes and milk shakes in a tumbler.

3. Provide tasty and affordable finger-licking foods to match-up the shakes.

4. Conceptualize a place with a beautiful ambiance and soothing music to those who are on dates, from work or from school.

5. To employ people in the community.

6. To be accessible, especially to the community.

Target market:

• Young professionals

• Students

• Senior citizens

• Children below 12yrs. Old

C. Statement of Financing needed

In order to make this business possible, it requires a capital investment of P________. The business proponents will disburse of amounting to P____________ to put up the said business.

II. Executive Summary

(Will be done last part)

III. Industry analysis

A. Future Outlook and Trends

Our generation nowadays is often changing due to the technology. Gadgets were made to make life easier. The general public wants fast, convenient and good quality service especially when it comes to the food. The human need for water is inevitable desire for a higher level of satisfaction made to the creation of healthy fruit shakes. This inspired our...
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