Swot Playstation

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Sony PlayStation

Table of content

1.Introduction 3
2.E-Marketing 3
3.Marketing Mix 4
4.Target market 5
5.Sony PlayStation 5
6.Homepage 6
a.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)6
7.E-Marketing Plan 7
a.SWOT Analysis 7
b.SOSTAC Model 9
8.Conclusion 9

1. Introduction

Nowadays the competitive market situation forces companies to promote their organisations with a suitable online presence in order to attract customers as well as to keep them. The strategy of an e-marketing plan has become a necessary part of the marketing mix. A well-structured and user-friendly online appearance reflects the identity of a successful company and its products. Thus, e-marketing has to be combined with the classic marketing tools in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. The aim of this report is to compile an e-marketing plan for an existing company and to state and describe the core aspects of the company’s existing Internet marketing strategy as well as to analyse and evaluate the company’s current position and identify opportunities for improvement. By using Sony PlayStation as a relevant industrial example the implications of the analysis will be discussed, as well as the evaluation, planning for practitioners and marketing decision-makers.

2. E-Marketing

First of all, the term ‘e-marketing’ has to be defined in this context. The notation ‘electronic marketing’ “refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet” (Quirk.biz, 2006). There is lots of evidence that e-marketing is a very important field, if not even “at the heart of e-business” as and Smith (2008, p.13) claim. Although, it can be related differently to e-commerce and e-business, namely, overlapping, replacing or involving, its principal task is to provide direct access to the customer in order to obtain a better understanding of their needs and get closer to them. Moreover, adding value to products and widening distribution channels to boost sales, for instance, represent further functions of e-marketing (Chaffey and Smith, 2008). Therefore, its components are intimately connected with those of marketing in general but based on the Internet (Quirk.biz, 2006).

“(…) eMarketing encompasses all the activities a business conducts via the worldwide web with the aim of attracting new business, retaining current business and developing its brand identity.” (Quirk.biz, 2006)

So, as this quote summarises, the internet helps over all small firms to reach a huge international audience in a short time and a relatively cost-effective way. Furthermore, this two-way communication channel allows interaction with the customer, while conventional marketing is largely about advertising the brand only (Quirk.biz, 2006). Another advantageous difference to traditional marketing represents amongst others the independence of the location where the business takes place. The internet enables the supplier to communicate with the customers make a deal without being physically present (Bach, 2007).

3. Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is a well-established framework with which marketers can plan their approach to their target market. The model became famous in the 1960s when Jerome McCarthy talked the first time about the “4P’s” in marketing: product, place, price and promotion. Those are elements, which should help to plan the marketing strategy. The above mentioned model was extended by Booms and Bitner (1981), because in their point of view the model was only suitable for products, but not for the service industry. So they created the “7P’s”, which means they added three more “P’s”; physical evidence, people and process to the existing model. As a company you should sell only a product, which is affordable, can be delivered, and which has a high qualitative standard. In the online world there is always the...
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