The Impact of Technology on Marketing in Nigeria

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With a few exceptions, available literature tends to uphold the view that technology has become a universally relevant concept in every business organization. Some argue that a consistent and positive relationship exists between Marketing and Technology. This paper therefore, proposes that with its effects on marketing, organizations and practitioner can create a symbiotic relationship between Marketing and Technology with the ultimate objective of sustaining or improving current marketing performances of these organizations. Our focus is to examine technology (ies) and it(s) effect on marketing activities and decisions.

Drucker, (1980), observed that the business environment of the recent past has been characterized by turbulence. This has resulted on the reassessment of the growth prospects of various industries as well as dramatic upheavals in the relative positions of firms within these industries. The causes of these changes are numerous but it is by now apparent that a major cause of this upheaval is technology.

Although technology has been ignored in most traditional considerations of economic or managerial behavior, it is no longer taken for granted. It has even risen to the forefront in debates on world and national economic policies and on the future of specific industries and markets. This paper attempts to examine the issues associated with technology in marketing and its impact not so much as in terms of the “quantity” of work and time employed to do the work, but rather in terms of the “quality” of the activity in marketing and its contributions.

Today, marketers use technology to improve the quality of products and services offering. These new and evolving technologies coupled with increase management sophistication have transformed marketing from the creative art of yesterday into a true business discipline of today. In addition, it has resulted in developments that have provided important information and opportunities that have helped to meet customer needs and helped organizations to serve their customers better. Examples are scientific knowledge, research, inventions and innovations that result in new or improved goods and services, advances in manufacturing technology, improvements in distribution, better pricing techniques, etc. Most recently, the internet, an extensive global network of computes have made the distance between marketers, suppliers, and customer even shorter than what it use to be. In essence, we will discuss technology and merging aspects as they affect marketing practices and decisions. DEFINITION OF TECHNOLOGY

The Advance Learners Dictionary described technology as the application of practical or mechanical sciences to industry or commerce and the methods, theory and practices governing such applications. An attempt to adopt this opinion will focus attention on machines and equipments in business. Technology has become more abstract, and its scope more defined that earlier thought.

Pareauct and McCarthy (2003) opined that technology is the application of science to convert an economy’s resources to output. This only assumes that technology in business is a conversion process that enables firms to exploit available resources in new ways. Again, we see it as the application of science in the production and services. This also excludes auxiliary services in business.

The definition of Bateman and Sneel (1999), seems to be more appropriate to describe technology in marketing. They see technology as “the methods, process, system and skills used to transform resources into products and services. This results in the commercialization of science by the systematic application of scientific knowledge to business products, process or services”. Jobber (2000) seems to confirm the above definition by outlining the following...
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