Analyzing the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry and Various E-Marketing Efforts

Topics: Recycling, Customer relationship management, Waste management Pages: 34 (9387 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Executive Summary

This E-Marketing Plan has been designed for K&K Recycling Services. K&K Recycling Services is a small company that has limited resources but realizes the potential and importance of having a sound E-Marketing strategy.

Key issues facing the company involve its limited marketing efforts. K&K Recycling Services has a very limited marketing budget that is primarily used for direct sales. Lacking innovation and failure to adopt modern business models may very well hinder K&K Recycling Services’ profitability and growth.

K&K Recycling Services, along with its top three competitors in the industry use basic E-Marketing strategies such as a company website and Search Engine Optimization via Google. While K&K Recycling Services already uses strong keywords, the company can increase its SERP ranking by researching the types of words that are used most when inquiring about the scrap metal recycling industry.

K&K Recycling Services’ core competencies lie in their ability to react quickly to opportunities in the marketplace. Furthermore, K&K Recycling Services prides itself on their high level of commitment to building strong relationships with their customers. Opportunities in the scrap metal recycling industries have become more apparent as there is a growth in usage of recycled materials, which consequently increases the prices of scrap metals. However, this increased price also provides greater incentives for thieves in this industry.

K&K Recycling Services needs to consider various market factors that pertain to the scrap metal recycling industry. These factors, after all, can change or solidify the company’s current strategies while at the same time helping them achieve goals and set objectives in the years to come.

The objectives for this E-marketing plan focus around increasing customer awareness and increasing customer satisfaction. These objectives will be tackled through an enhanced website and efficient use of the customer relationship management software. The timeframe for the implementation of this plan is six months.

Please read on for a detailed analysis of K&K Recycling Services, the industry within which it operates, as well as our recommendations and implementation plan. Table of Contents

Brief Company Introduction1
Summary of Key Issues1
Internal Analysis2
Current Marketing Practices2
E-marketing efforts2
Measuring Marketing Efforts2
Business Results3
Resources Available for Marketing Efforts3
PESTLE Analysis3
Political Analysis3
Economic Analysis4
Social Analysis4
Technological Analysis5
Legal Analysis5
Environmental Analysis6
SWOT Analysis6
Strengths Analysis6
Weaknesses Analysis7
Opportunities Analysis8
Threats Analysis8
Competitive Review9
K&K Recycling Services – www.kkscrapmetal.com9
Competitor 1: Triple M Metals LP – www.triplemmetal.com10 Competitor 2: American Iron and Metal – www.scrapmetal.net10 Competitor 3: Thomson Metals and Disposal LP – www.thomsonmetals.com11 Google Search Comparison11

Tier 1 Strategies12
Objectives for the E-Marketing Plan14
Budgeting & Sales Forecast17
Customer Perspective18
Internal Business Perspective19
Learning and Growth Perspective19
Financial Perspective20
Works Cited22
Appendix A – K&K Recycling Services Values26
Appendix B – K&K Recycling Services Website Visitors28
Appendix C – K&K Recycling Services Website Page Source28 Appendix D – K&K Recycling Services Website Key Words29
Appendix E – K&K Recycling Services B2B Segments30
Appendix F – Implementation Plan – Gantt Chart32
Appendix G: Budgeting & Sales Forecast33
Brief Company Introduction

K&K Recycling Services, founded by Kevin Morgan in 1993, has grown from a local scrap hauler and recycler in Pickering, Ontario to a national...
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