Should Recycling of Electronics Be Made Easier?

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Should Recycling of Electronics Be Made Easier?
Recycling had been introduced, and championed as a modern-hip thing for consumers to do. We have all heard the “GO GREEN” slogan spoken in commercials, and taught in our colleges and schools. These campaigns, encouraged consumers to take a few extra steps towards eliminating waste of bottles, cans and glass in their house-holds. (I myself have carted off old newspapers and phone books to a local recycling center.) The city of New Bern, has given me green colored recycle tubs, to place on the curbside, for pick-up once per week. I use it correctly to save space in my trash can. But, that’s just me. How many consumers practice daily recycling with ordinary recycling items? Would the average consumer throw out an ink cartridge to save time, instead of hauling the item to a designated place? How much knowledge of e/cycle and e/waste is known to the average consumer? Will recycling alone, help with disposal issues? Environmentalist Groups’, (like Greenpeace), could receive Government grants toward the creation of, e/cycle-e/waste, commercials and slogans. Emphasis could be placed on the mounting problems of e/waste disposal. On a small scale, cities and local officials of every state can revise the system that has generated the use of, curbside and drop-off recycling. On a larger scale, a central donation plant, set up like our current recycling plants, could be built....
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