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Topics: Environmentalism, Landfill, Global warming Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: March 10, 2013

Recycling has been a well known idea for so many years, but now we need it more than ever. Now in the world there are so many problems with the environment like Global Warming, toxic waste, and not to mention not recycling is very costly but recycling reduces the landfill space, helps conserves natural resources, and reduces the production of greenhouse gases . When you recycle you also help save animals so the rims of a six pack of soda doesn’t end up blocking a fish's gills or a plastic bag getting eaten by a turtle and having it choke on the bag. Recycling can also be a group effort where you get a group of people from your community, school, church, job, or just you and your friends so not only your saving the environment but your having fun with people you know while doing it.

If people were to recycle it would save so much money because it saves money the factories use to make a whole new product. Also saves money the government and communities use to clean up parks, lakes, beaches, and just regular streets. Not only can you save recycling money but you can also earn money by doing so by turning in cans, bottles, newspapers, electronics, and many other things to recycling programs around you. Another way you can help your environment and benefit yourself are Recycle Banks which offer rewards for points they give for each item you recycle so the more you recycle the more points you get to spend on whatever you want. Provided that money wasn't enough to convince you to recycle then maybe helping out the animals and people suffering due to pollution will. Animals everywhere whether it be in a big city, a small town, forest, icy lands, or savannas are all suffering because of pollution. If people chose to believe or not believe Global Warming is real even right now polar bears, penguins, walrus, whales and other animals are dying out in Antarctica. Whales and walrus die because the pollution from other sea, oceans, and lakes are all carried...
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