Will E-Market Replace Traditional Marketing, in the Future

Topics: Marketing, Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Will e-market replace traditional marketing, in the future? Discuss.

E-market or internet marketing is getting wider as the consumer only need the internet to buy or order the stuff they needed. They don’t need to go to the actual place to order but with just a single click they can have whatever they want. There are both advantages and disadvantages in e-marketing. However, as modernization occurs e-marketing is something many can’t live without. Everything is made easier with a click on the finger tips as the consumer have everything at their expense. However, if the E-marketing dominated the business world, it doesn’t mean that the traditional marketing will be replaced.

Even though it is widely agreed by many that e-marketing will replace traditional marketing, but I think somehow that either one will work. Since internet nowadays is widely used by the people all around the world. This makes the Internet able to connect to others and target the customer is better as the customer are able to surf the Internet anywhere and anytime. E-marketing is important and the ability to reach a targeted audience is better than the traditional marketing. According toB2B Magazine Survey (2005) as quoted by Harris in WebProNews, it says that there are 95% of purchasing agents use the web to research products and services. Most of the agent uses the web to research the goods and also to decide either to buy it or not. Furthermore, the customer also uses the web to search for the things that they wanted to buy or make the survey online to ensure that they have the best price and not cheated at the same time.

With e-marketing websites such as, e-Bay, i.Send and Newzapp and mushrooming all over the cyber community, it is undeniable that in one way or another, its presence cannot be ignored. According to Ritu who is a freelance writer from Freelance.com says, “When it comes to marketing and advertising your services, it really is a jungle out there. Although there are...
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