Swot Analysis - Bus 210

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Week 4 Bus 210 SWOT Analysis

The business plan I chose was a child care services business plan titled Kid’s Community College. This business plan is very well thought out and provides much strength. The owner/proprietor has 17 years of executive management experience, budgeting experience, and has a lot of knowledge in advanced technology. The industry consultant is relied upon for industry expertise and offers insight regarding rules and regulations, and government programs. This person is qualified as they own their own licensed day care. The campus director has a BS in education, 2 years experience as a Facility Administrator, 2 years experience as an Operations Manager, 5 years of managerial experience, and 3 years of grant writing experience. The vice president offers college level public relations experience, 5 years of customer service experience, 8 years of child care services experience, and extensive knowledge in dance, art, and theatre. The business plan expresses a need for an experienced CPA and expresses that some of the current members need to obtain their Child Care Development Associate credentials, which will be a requirement among future upper-level employees.

The business model is very well developed and researched. The plan provides breakdowns of what capital is needed to start-up, maintain the business, and provides an anticipated growth plan for the next three years. The plan also provides information on how many students are required to be enrolled, on an average weekly basis, to break even. Furthermore, the plan provides information for anticipated growth into a franchise consisting of three separate locations. The owner also researched the need for services in the area, the competitors and how to offer services to differentiate the Kid’s College from competitors, and how many “target” homes were within the 10 mile radius. The owner also researched what the projected growth of the community is by researching construction of new...
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