Sushi Retraurant Business Plan

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Sample Business Plan
This is a sample business plan that I completed by myself for a Entrepreneur class in my Senior year of high school. Unlike most students, I was really excited to plan and organize my ideas so my plan ended up being much longer then expected. All the numbers I used were, for the most part, actual prices and I spend hours alone just number crunching. It was worth it in the end when I had my final copy! I apologize in advance for awkward spacing, numbering, and indents. Some things like pictures and flow charts were lost throughout the transfer from Word. Shifuku Sushi Bar Business Plan

Concept History and Background
1.A. Description of Service
The Shifuku Sushi Bar, located on 400 Wood Street in Pittsburgh, PA, is a unique eatery that provides customers with freshly made sushi and other complementary foods in a chic setting. Unlike the typical restaurant, Shifuku Sushi Bar allows people to choose from a carry-out or stay-in option to optimize customer convenience. Most sushi eateries do no offer a carry-out service, making Shifuku Sushi Bar innovative and helpful to those who want sushi on the go. Shifuku Sushi Bar also employs Itamae-San’s or sushi chefs to prepare the food right in front of the customer, creating an enticing experience and entertainment for all. Like most places, Shifuku Sushi Bar offers free-WiFi to customers and has the normal conveniences of a restaurant. The carry-out option is an important element in Shifuku Sushi Bar’s business plan. The goal is to make reasonable individual orders in less than five minutes so the customer is provided with quick and efficient service. By setting a standard of preparation and sticking to it, Shifuku Sushi Bar will hopefully be known for great timing and customer service. For customers that do not even have five minutes to spare, there is a grab-and-go counter that contains packaged sushi rolls made earlier the day of sale. As for food choice, Shifuku Sushi Bar includes many different types of Japanese cuisine. With the main focus on Western sushi, customers have a broad choice of rolls ranging from the popular California Roll to the conventional Philadelphia Roll to the unique Dragon Roll. In addition to sushi, Shifuku Sushi Bar offers sides of Sashimi sushi, salads, tempura, yakisoba, and miso soups. For beverages, customers have a choice of tea along with Coke products or water. With an extensive menu and great customer service, Shifuku will beat competing Japanese restaurants and other competitors. Shifuku Sushi Bar takes pride in going Green. To help save the environment, we switched our chopsticks from the classic wood to modern stainless steel. Not only are they machine washable but more importantly, they are eco-friendly. The production of wooden chopsticks destroys 25 million trees a year. At Shifuku Sushi Bar, we respect the earth around us and want to lend a helping hand in the Green Revolution. In addition to our innovative chopsticks, Shifuku Sushi Bar recycles paper, aluminum, and glass to further our contribution to the environment. To make a visible statement on our support for going Green, Shifuku Sushi Bar has incorporated a color scheme of different shades of green, and then black and white complements. 1.Idea History

My idea for a sushi restaurant that offers fast and easy carry-out service came one day while I was craving a plate of California rolls. The only place I knew about that sold carry-out sushi was Wegmans in Hunt Valley, Maryland. While the drive to Wegmans is moderately average and the sushi is quite good, I always questioned the freshness of the sushi sold. I was aware that Wegmans had their own Itamae-San’s that made all the sushi sold; however, I had never actually seen them prepare the food. This uncertainty sparked my idea that customers should be able to watch their sushi be made for them. Not only would this be entertaining, but it would clear up the question of safe, fresh sushi being served. My...
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