Business Plan for a Trade School

Topics: High school, Vocational school, Secondary education Pages: 10 (3472 words) Published: October 21, 2012
BUS 435
Business Plan for a Opening a Trade School

Table of Contents
I.Executive Summary3
II.Description of the business4
IV.Research, design, and development9
V.Operations segment10
VII.Financial forcasting14
VIII.Harvest strategy16

I.Executive Summary
This business plan is to open a door for young adults that want to learn a trade and earn their way in life. Not all high school aged students are eager to go onto a college or a university and this can be for many reasons: perhaps they are not ready to leave home; cannot afford; they are academically challenged; not sure what they want to major in; the list can go on and on. My wish for these young adults is for them to explore what their capabilities are through learning a trade. This trade school is the only one of its kind in this county, we want to offer a variety of skill sets to the students without them having to travel far or live elsewhere. We feel that instead of the undue stress that can wreak havoc on these young adults and their families as to what to do after high school if they are not ready to attend an academic college or university, why not offer them an option of a skill that will enable them to make money and be a prelude to an academic school. Currently, what I am seeing with these young adults that are stuck on what do to with their lives, is a huge increase in drug use, crime and horrifically death.

II.Description of the business
Our school would offer barrage of choices from traditional trades for the students that are good with their hands should definitely consider a skilled trade such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, welding, and mechanical repair. Additionally, we would offer automotive repair and service certifications, as our vehicles become more complicated and there are more and more commuters in this region, this is a great avenue to consider getting certified in. Our automobiles are not the only thing that continues to change and get upgraded, our technology is forever changing and improving as well. With that stated we will offer industrial technology and machine technology programs. Industrial technology is somewhere between a business and an engineering degree; for the most part they take care logistic and operational problems in the industrial environment. Whereas machine technology students will have the ability to build a car on an assembly line, become a machinist by operating a precision grinder and a vertical milling machine, or even computerized robotic machine. And lastly, we want to branch out and offer the artistic talent in the community the option of developing their talent, be it in interior decorating, art work, or design. III.Marketing

There are two target markets that I would start my focus on for my new venture of a trade school; one being high schools, the second being the surrounding businesses that are downsizing. I would visit the schools and set up career days to inform potential students of the opportunities that are available and leave literature and a website address to visit for more information as well as fill out a short survey. Also, toward the end of senior year for these students, when the teachers and counselors give information on what to expect for college and forward thinking for their children; I would arrange being at this event to provide the same information to the parents that the students received. As most parents know not all informational pamphlets make it home. This will provide the data on what type of trades if any the students are interested in and how serious the interest is by the parents.

The target of large businesses is basically to try to negotiate getting the people they are letting go on board to learn a new trade as an option. I would try to get these businesses to pay for the trade school tuition as part of a severance package; depending on the length of service. So, leaving information for...
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