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  • Published: February 10, 2013
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Accent SWOT Analysis|
Principles of Management |

Accent was founded in 1993 and is 90 percent majority owned by Canada-based MDC Partners, Inc. Accent has 11 locations in six U.S. states and two international locations in Jamaica and the Philippines. They do business with several fortune 1000 companies such as: American Family, Sprint, Asus, Char-broil, Samsung, Sharp and Weight Watchers. (PR Newswire, 2011) Accent Marketing Services is a company for brands (businesses) that want to retain and expand their customer base. “Since 1993, ACCENT has helped world-renowned brands acquire, support, retain and grow customers at every lifecycle stage.” ("About us,”) Accent’s current mission statement is: “By 2013 Accent will be a 150 million dollar company by providing outstanding customer, partner and client engagement.” (HR People Services Manager)

I think Accent’s most important strength is that it seems like an amazing place to work based on a number of variables which include: the vast variety of Accent locations and brands. This offers a unique opportunity of advancement within a brand or across brands, relocation and the knowledge base of multiple brands. An interview with Tim Searcy, CEO of Accent Marketing Services, was published by Call Me’ IQ on September 15th 2011. In the interview Mr. Searcy states, “the way we distinguish ourselves the most is through our Seven “We Wills” – one of which is “We will promote from within.” When we seek employees to join our organization, we see their first role with us as just that – their first role. We want our employees to grow with us. I’m living proof that you can move from the contact center to the board room, and I believe that in every communication I have with our employees, we’re looking at the next generation of leadership, and that they will come from within.” (Bracken, 2011) This is Accent’s most important strength as happy employees make for...
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