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The Goal:
Our goal is to make women love fruit relaxing tea that will take you overseas and around the world and to the other world –Me Time-. Our goal is all about keeping success and to let women enhance their personal down-time." We want to inspire women to create mood elevating rituals which enhance their daily routine,” states Naveed Asghar, Marketing Director of F&B, Unilever Gulf.

Who doesn't know Lipton Tea! All these advertisements are just like a remembering bulb to show that we still exist even if the company was established from long time ago we still offer the good taste people love, different kinds, shapes and ways of thinking about a product. This will be presented in the strengths below.

The name of the company is the first strength. When we produced the fruit relaxing tea we kept in mind the image of the company and its name. This was like a push up exercise, because customers already know what we have been always deliver and how we offer them what we promises and what they need even before asking for it! This can show up in our survey analysis, Lipton Tea was the most popular Tea that people will choose. Also to add up more, Lipton Tea Factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai, is the "2nd largest teabag factory worldwide and Lipton is the global market leader in both leaf and ready-to-drink tea, it is available in over 110 countries".( unilever company)

The second strength will go to the financial situation of the company; we succeed to cover a lot of our needs so we gain many profits that will handle the costs of the new product and assets even if it fails! "In the GCC, Lipton has become the undisputable market leader in the tea category with shares exceeding 70%" and Lipton Tea Factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai, produces 5 billion tea bags a year in addition to packet & pyramid tea bags.

Third, is the process plan, the innovation of the shape of our tea bag is unique and will save the taste so it will attract people. The ingredient is collected by famous experts around the world to ensure the safety, quality and freshness of the leaves. The company operates more than 80 thousand workers for that. "Each unique variant of Lipton Pyramid Fruit Tea is comprised of the highest quality, long leaf tea, handpicked from the top leaves of the plant by Lipton tea experts around the world. Lipton is the only tea brand in the world to be granted the patent for mass machine production of the pyramid teabag". Next. "Saudi consumers are not driven by price; they are driven by quality. As long as you keep quality on top of your agenda and you make sure that consumers are engaged... you are winning." Yasser Joharji, managing director, Binzagr Unilever. So the strength of our product and process plan has it all, and now we can raise the price if we want.

Also employee capability to communicate with people was a type of promotion. We knew that "the top brands are brands that bothered to create advertising and communications relevant to them-customers-" "We talk to our consumers at every touch point, and we don't think of advertising in a classical way. We think of communication with our consumers at every point when it comes to packaging, when it comes to shelf, when it comes to shopping, when it comes to TV advertising."Yasser Joharji, managing director, Binzagr Unilever. So we asked some of our employee to go outside and discover if people will love this or not because our employee are full of energy and this will make the border of our product and company to be wider! And we will give them a reason to buy and try the new product. So we are trying to achieve the goal in Dubai, we customized Ladies Polo T-Shirts with Lipton Fruit Tea branding. The logo was screen printed on the front LHS Chest & the back of the T-Shirts.

On contrary, we will be affected from outside, so we have to catch the next opportunities or investments and identify threats to avoid them.

First the social...
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