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a) Executive Summary:
Executive Summary
Ever Green Flavor Tea formally founded by 2007. The product of the company is “Flavor tea” which is for the very first time in Bangladesh. The anticipated demand is very healthy as people find something new in their daily drink. Our company was established in Banani, Dhaka. In this plan we have tried to describe its day today operation with production and marketing systems. The marketing system of Ever Green Flavor Tea Company states the salting products and advertisement systems. After then we have tried to find out some findings and also have tried to give some recommendation about this findings. We think, if these limitations turn positively by the management. The organization may attain their ultimate goals.

 The Objectives of this plan are as follows :  To achieve organizational goals.  To describe product and purchase  To describe the marketing system  To know about the function of administration

The Scope of the organization part covers the organ of the organizational structure, objective, product and services and business performance of Ever Green Flavor Tea as a whole and the main part covers consumers of Ever Green Flavor Tea, Banani, Dhaka.


b) Company Summary:
History of Ever Green Flavor Tea
Ever Green Flavor Tea which produces “Flavor Tea” which is formally foundation by the company partners who are the citizens of the peoples republic of Bangladesh. The company grew out of funds buildup investment . It is an entirely self supporting welfare organization for the welfare of founders and our dependents. It operates the private sector of Bangladesh and all expenditure on its diverse welfare activities have always been made with funds generated by commercial projects. Ever Green Flavor Tea established in Banani, Dhaka during the

Caretaker Government 2007. The company produces flavor tea. Presently the company is located Banani, Dhaka.

Start up Plans
The production capacity of Ever Green Flavor Tea is 195 Kgs. per day and its yearly turn over is over 75550. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Year of installation : 2007 Total Cost : 75 Lacs Product : Flavor Tea Brand : Ever Green Flavor Tea Production Capacity : 215 Kgs Per day Manpower : 65 Nos Profit Carried in 2007-08 : 57200


c) Product or Services :
Ever green flavor Tea has different types of flavor. Those are below:

Apple flavor tea
The old adage „an apple a day keeps the doctor away‟ has never been less applicable than with our delicious Apple tea. Infusing the flavor and aroma of fresh picked apples with the lively, deep taste of premium Ceylon black tea, this delight is sure to attract doctors as well as other tea lovers.

Mango flavor tea
An ancient Hindu legend recounts the story of the mango tree growing from the ashes of the sun princess who had been incinerated by an evil sorceress. When the mango ripened and fell to the ground, the beautiful sun princess emerged. Our bestselling Mango Tea combines the taste of Ceylon tea with the flavor of perfectly ripened mangoes. Sun princess sold separately.

Orange flavor tea
Florida is known for two distinct things: hanging chards and delicious oranges. In an effort to remain apolitical, Adagio Teas chose to use the latter as an inspiration for this tea treat. Combining the fresh, citrus flavor of Florida oranges and the taste of premium Ceylon black tea, our Orange Tea leaves no confusion over which tea you‟ll elect!


Banana flavor tea
Voted the best tea (iced or hot!) three years running by the Primate Post, our Banana tea combines the flavor and aroma of fresh bananas with bright black tea from Ceylon. Once you experience the quality, you‟re sure to see that we‟re not just monk eying around.

Lemon flavor tea
Buying a car that turns out to be a „lemon‟ can be a nightmare. However, buying a tea that‟s flavored with lemons will be a dream come true! Adagio‟s Lemon tea combines the bright, lively taste of...
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