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Executive summary

Akij Food and Beverage Limited (AFBL) is the sister concern of Akij Group, one of the prominent and leading business houses in Bangladesh. The official inauguration of that concern started in the beginning of 2007. From the beginning AFBL launched two new carbonated soft drinks clemon and farm fresh UHT pure milk products in the market. AFBL has successfully come up with a variety of its products like carbonated soft drinks mojo, lemu speed energy drink, cheeky monkey snakes and spa drinking water. The main marketing policy of the company is they use to undertake huge advertisement and promotional activities to create brand awareness and product positioning among the mindset of the target customers. Not only that AFBL started to change the concept of advertisement of soft drinks too by using new creative and concepts. And they were successful in terms of market share and positioning in the competitive soft drinks market of Bangladesh.

By using the reputation and market demand, Akij Food and Beverage Limited lunched a new category of soft drinks that is natural pure fruit juice under the Brand name of “Frutika” in August 2008. They targeted the holy month of Ramadan to launch the new product into the market. In that time they also undertake a huge advertisement and promotional campaign following their previous concept Mojo and Lemo. The used different Medias to draw the attention of the consumers like:

* Press Advertisement (News paper & Magazines).
* Television Commercial (National & Cable TVs). Radio Advertisement (BD Radio & Private radio stations). * Outdoor Advertisement (Billboards, Pestering, Neon sign etc). * Mobile Campaign (Road shows).

* Moving Advertisements (Advertisements on vehicles).
* Public Relations (Sponsoring & arranging Spot game shows). * Sales Promotion (Sampling, Gift and scratch card offer) etc. Basically they used all the elements of marketing communication tools to create awareness and position their Brand. And they were successful enough to draw the positive attention of the customers. At present they are offering three flavor of Frutika like Mango, Orange and Grapes. In all of the cases they offer in two sizes of pack that are 250ml (at taka 25) and 1000ml (at taka 70) plastic bottle.

In our report we worked to identify the “Impact of promotional activities to create product appeal among the target customers”. So to accomplish our objectives we have undertaken a field survey on the customers and as well as the retailer of Frutika to know the impact of Advertisement and promotional activities to create fascination towards the product stimulates the secondary sales. That is why we made two different questionnaires for the Customers and the Retailers to collect information from the respondents. At the same time we also undertaken as exploratory research on the other existing juice brands available in the country to make a comparison and contrast between Frutika and them.

After collecting all the related information and data analysis, we found that the advertisement and promotional activities were very much successful to create brand awareness and product appeal among the target customers. But it is found that comparing with the other existing brand, price of Frutika is premium about 25-30% more. So the customers are not satisfied about this issue. More over there is another vital point to be noted that Frutika if offering only three flavor (mango, orange and grape) and providing only in two pack sizes (250ml and 1000ml plastic bottle rater any other sizes and foil pack). That is why customers are not feeling convenient while purchasing Frutika fruit juices.

Situation Analysis

Market Analysis:

The market analysis investigates both the internal and external business environment. It is vital that Akij Beverage Limited carefully monitor both the internal and external aspects...
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