Honest Tea Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Target audience, Coffee Pages: 4 (781 words) Published: August 21, 2012
“Honest Tea seeks to provide bottled tea that tastes like tea a world of flavour freshly brewed and barely sweetened. We seek to provide better-tasting, healthier teas the way nature and their cultures of origin intended them to be. We strive for relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders which are as healthy and honest as the tea we brew.” (Honest Tea Mission Statement)

As the name suggests Honest tea is a brand that produces 100% organic iced teas, aimed at the health conscious. In this assignment I will attempt to, identify the target market, conduct a situational analysis as well as set SMART communication objectives for the brand.

Identifying the target audience:

In order to identify the target audience it is important to firstly define what target audience means. The term Target Audience refers to a particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of a particular brand message. Target audiences are considered when a new product is being developed, in order to better determine how to communicate the brand and achieve maximum return.

The target audience can be determined by looking at the geographic,demographic, psychographic and behavioural characteristics.


(land or region, rural or metropolitan area)


(age, sex, marital status, income, occupation, education, religion and ethnic group)


(social status, life-style type, personality type)


(intensity of product use, brand loyalty, user behaviour)

An example of the target audience for Honest Tea would be:


World, Northern hemisphere, America, North America, New York, Metropolitan


22-60+ male and female, singles, couples, LSM group 8-10, middle to upper working class, occupation is a non-factor, Middle to upper educational level, religion non-factor, ethnic group non-factor

Achievers, outgoing health conscious...
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