Support Individuals to Access and Use Services and Facilities

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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During the review process at the end of term June 2008, it was discussed with JM that he would like to progress into mainstream F.E on a chosen course, the review is where the student has a chance to communicate where or what they want to work on to help improve there health and social well-being.

In JM’s care plan it states that he is anxious of new situations, so it will be put into place for him to have staff support on his college course until he is comfortable with his new surroundings and has settled into his course.

Although it is needed for JM to have staff support it is thought that he will be able to travel independently but for this to happen JM would need to be travel trained first, so that this can be risk assessed So for the first couple of weeks JM will have staff support on public transport. As JM has been travelling to local areas independently already it is thought that a couple of weeks should be adequate time.

After the first week of travel training JM seems pretty confidant with the bus routes and staff change it to, JM walking ahead of staff and catching the bus with staff but ignoring the staff, JM lets staff no that he feels confidant with this, so it is now changed to JM going off on the first bus and staff following behind on the next bus JM manages this task on the buses to and from the college, so the next step is for JM to travel on his own. The staff arrange to met JM at the college and JM manages this task, for all this to take place JM risk assessment has to be changed for independent travel, Staff need to make sure he has his phone on him at all times and that he has the details of the journey.

During the time on the course JM started off well travelling independently, but JM struggles with over crowding and will not get on a busy bus, this started to make JM late for his college course so staff sat down with JM and both agreed on him getting up earlier to get the earlier bus as this would help with the overcrowding...
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