Policy and Guidance Impacting on Support Services at National Level

Topics: Local government, Public policy, Policy Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Research the policy and guidance impacting on support services at national level and evaluate how this operates at local level

The government wants children and young people to have more opportunities to get involved in the design,provision and evaluation of policies and services that affect them or which they use.Minister will be looking to their individual departments and agencies to develop robust but realistic arrangement to make sure this happens.Actively involving children and young people in this way will produce better services. Ultimately that will produce better outcomes for children and young people,as well as stronger communities,as department and agencies across government draw on children and young people s contributions to shape and tailor service to meet real. Rather than presumed needs, The purpose of this guidance is to

Introduce the core principles on which this work should be based. Provide departments with some early advice and background and with signposts to additional help,so that departments can develop effective plans and Let departments know the broad timetable for action

Government on strategic priorities and the effective implementation of safeguarding policy. We have taken immediate action to start to transform the social work profession. We are clarifying and strengthening the key role of Local Safeguarding Children Boards. And we are establishing a new National Safeguarding Delivery Unit to ensure a co-ordinated approach across Government and to support and challenge Children’s Trusts and local authorities to drive up standards and the quality of practice.This document sets out the Government’s detailed response to Lord Laming’s report and our plan of action to deliver the step change which he has called for.It is an action plan to which I and my colleagues across Government are firmly committed but one which we know we cannot deliver alone. Keeping children and young people safe must be the responsibility, every single day,...
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